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It’s been said that every young black male wants to be a rapper when he grows up. That it’s a one in a million shot that talent and skill will meet opportunity and make that dream a reality. It’s hard to do, but Da"Kota Santez" Cameron is getting it done. He IS that one out of a million, and he’s making his mark on the world of hip hop.

Born in Atlanta, a city known as the Black Mecca for upcoming artist that have produced artist such as Andre 3000, Ludacris, and T.I. Influenced by the different styles of Jay-Z, Kanye West, Outkast, Pharrell Williams and many other late musical greats. Mr. Santez is the southern artist with an universal sound.

Having grew up in the streets of Decatur since birth Dakota has gained a sense of business for his gift. He is now President of Elementz Muzik and is in and out of college controlling his own career. Producing for other local Atlanta artist from Khristian B & Serene. Also modeling and making radio appearances from 3 Girls And A Mic Radio to the ATL Remix show. Kota has been in numerous talent shows across Atlanta, and is always looking to show his talent to the people.

Equipped with a dream and a natural knack for creative expression, Kota writes, produces, and raps. His excitement for his craft is contagious making it hard to be in his presence and not believe in his dream. Everyone wants to be the “next big thing,” Everyone can’t but, Kota Santez will.




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